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A series of Raymond Reach-Fork® trucks integrated with technologies and telematics

Posted by The Raymond Corporation (booth # B3747a)

Summary of Innovation

The Raymond 7000 Series Reach Trucks are the first in the industry to be factory-installed with fully integrated telematics that can be accessed from a 7-inch color touchscreen — combining unparalleled durability and reliability with a whole new level of connectivity and functionality. This truck can provide the real-time data needed to continuously improve efficiency and productivity while identifying opportunities to reduce costs.

Each truck comes with four essential instruments: an operator display, iWAREHOUSE, Raymond Vantage Point® operator camera system display and a height-tilt indicator. This combination of benefits offers enhanced visibility and productivity with an entirely new level of connectivity and functionality. This functionality allows warehouses and distribution centers to integrate data and anything else that requires a display into one unit. By doing so, companies can overlap shared accomplishments and data throughout warehouses, a major efficiency advantage.

Innovation Statement

Raymond took an already outstanding truck series one step further by integrating technologies and telematics into a streamlined solution that requires fewer external units on the truck and offers superior performance and productivity.


The revolutionary central display on the integrated reach-fork truck was designed for usability with an operator’s perspective and intuitiveness in mind — making actions easier and resulting in increased productivity.


Posted Date 12/21/17
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