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Posted by Brain Corp (booth # C2435)

Summary of Innovation

BrainOS is a self-driving A.I. technology and proprietary operating system that integrates with off-the- shelf hardware and sensors to provide a cost-effective “brain” for robots. It enables robots to perceive their environment, control their motion, and navigate using visual cues and landmarks while avoiding people and obstacles.

Innovation Statement

Technology: Indoor navigation has always been challenging, requiring cumbersome and costly infrastructure modifications. BrainOS enables us to provide a cost-effective, vision-based technology that requires no infrastructure modifications and enables robots to see and navigate much like people do.
BrainOS has computer vision and A.I. libraries that enable quick and efficient development of smart systems that learn and adapt to people and environment. The navigation stack provides advanced self-driving capabilities for cluttered and dynamic indoor environments. BrainOS takes into account robot geometry and dynamics, preventing collisions with obstacles, which is an essential safety requirement for commercial applications.


In most commercial equipment applications the cost of labor to operate that equipment makes up 80% to 90% of the total cost of ownership.
This is true in Brain Corp’s initial market entry application, commercial floor care, where the cost of labor makes up about 80% of the total cost associated with daily cleaning. In addition, in the floor care industry, labor costs are projected to increase by 40% over the next four years. With a 300% annual turnover rate and a constrained labor supply, the $56B janitorial industry is under pressure to find a more sustainable labor solution.
Beyond floor care, BrainOS has the potential to automate several other types of equipment and time-consuming tasks. From forklifts and indoor delivery vehicles, to mowers and security robots, BrainOS is poised to become the Android OS of the robotics world.


Posted Date 1/10/18
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