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Posted by Alpesa SA/Upalet (booth # B1361)

Summary of Innovation

-Sustainable and 100% recyclable.

A sustainable product made from 100% recycled materials. 100% recyclable, at the end of its useful life cycle it can be disposed at no cost, rather in many places, it has an economic return that allows you to recover parts of the cost.

-It is much lighter than its equivalents made of wood or plastic

The weight of the various standard models varies between 0.4kg and 0.8 kg (0,9 lbs and 1,8 lbs) compared to the 32 Kg (70lbs) that existing pallets can weigh. Therefore, it not only reduces the carbon footprint associated with transportation but also the CO2 emissions. The go to choice for air shipments.

-Can be fully customized and personalized.

It can be personalized and adopted to your load requirements Úpalet´s interwoven stacking allows for much more compact and optimized methods of storage and transportation.

-Ergonomic and safe.

The light weight improves the ergonomics, and the absence of splinters, nails, staples or other piercing material reduces occupational accidents risks.

-Strong and resistant.

Its blocks/pillars construction offers a high impact resistance cardboard pallet compared with the competition. Úpalet offerings also includes models with load capacities of over 6.000 Kg (13 000lbs).

-Accessibility and handling.

Úpalet can be accessed from all four sides the same way as a traditional pallet. The design and configuration can easily be customized to your specific needs.

-Food safe and no chemical treatment needed

Úpalet is manufactured with materials that are suitable for transportation of food and pharmaceutical products. It complies with the requirements of regulation ISPM 15, therefore no need for fumigation or certification to cross borders around the world.

Innovation Statement

Upalet® is strong and resistant. It can be dragged on a flat surface, with a load without breaking. High impact resistance on the blocks in comparison to traditional pallets. The concentric tubes that form the pillars of the pallet are inserted to the upper and lower sheets, so that the pillar is firmly anchored to the platform of the palet.


It can be use in order to the traditional pallet but Upalet® has many more advantages like weight, sustainability or accessibility.


Posted Date 1/11/18
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