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IoT Enabled Composite Pallet

Posted by Bastian Solutions (booth # B4169)

Summary of Innovation

Developed by Bastian Solutions, the IoT-enabled composite pallet is a fusion of our BlueHound IoT asset tracker and Rogue composite pallet. Together, these technologies provide an affordable, yet powerful solution for safer transport of goods.

The Rogue composite pallet combines the benefits of the wood block pallet (upfront cost and strength) and plastic pallet (cleanliness, international shipping and re-usability) to create the ultimate solution for your supply chain. It offers the lowest cost per trip when compared to wood, plastic and metal pallets; provides a rackable load capacity of 2,800 lbs; meets GMA standards and has an average life span of 50 trips.

The BlueHound asset tracker is an Internet of Things (IoT) device that tracks the status and travel path of the pallet. BlueHound trackers, embedded in the leg of Rogue composite pallets, provide insights such as on-the-road tracking, indoor positioning, temperature monitoring, impact detection, and a powerful analytics dashboard. With sensor-enabled technology, BlueHound devices communicate through GPS, cellular connection and Bluetooth.Combined with the BlueHound web portal, you have complete visibility to the status and location of assets with real-time reporting on any device that has access to the internet.

IoT-enabled composite pallets are the future of supply chain visibility, efficiency, and safety.

Innovation Statement

The traditional wood stringer pallet has been part of the supply chain since the beginning of time, offering no significant benefits besides cost and load capacity. State-of-the-art IoT enabled composite pallets are breaking material handling barriers with safer, more robust pallets that not only have a longer life expectancy, but can now track temperature and impact detections while on the road or within a warehouse.


Pallets are one of the most essential components of an efficient material handling platform, which is why Bastian Solutions has engineered an IoT enabled pallet that will provide needed visibility into the supply chain while combining all the benefits of wood, plastic and metal pallets.


Posted Date 1/12/18
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