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Full Day ZERO Charge Li-Ion Battery (by Stromcore)

Posted by Stromcore Energy Inc. (booth # B1674)

Summary of Innovation

Stromcore has developed a patented Lithium technology that allows existing forklifts to run in excess of 24 hours on a single charge! Extensive field data shows that the Stromcore Li-ion battery will last a full day, even in intensive operations where lead-acid lasts only 6 hours. The technology even enables forklifts to perform non-stop in the freezer.

This is a game changer because, for the first time, you don't need to sacrifice any time at the charger during their busiest periods. You can also select the exact hours you wish your trucks to charge. Thrifty managers can choose for the optimal off-peak hour to save on energy and obtain subsidies. You can also position the chargers further away from break areas because a single trip is sufficient to run another 24 hours. Operations can also get the highest return on their Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) by having them performs continuously without wasting a single second. We are bringing in the era of full productivity!

Innovation Statement

For the first time, operations can run their forklifts a FULL 24H on a single charge


Run non-stop during your highest demand times and pinpoint the exact hour of day that you wish to charge (off-peak pricing or between shifts)


Posted Date 1/12/18
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Category Best Innovation of an Existing Product

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