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Posted by Tompkins International (booth # B727)

Summary of Innovation

Tompkins Robotics’ t-Sort is a revolutionary unit and parcel sortation system, which has been patented for North America and Europe. This new and innovative robotic technology will help build world-class supply chains for large firms as well as smaller firms that never before could consider automation. The t-Sort system performs much like a tilt tray or crossbelt sorter. However, the unique and exciting difference is it uses completely independent robots. This is the equivalent of having a sortation system with no track allowing each robot to travel to any divert or induction station independently along the shortest path. This greatly enhances efficiency to maximize your operational capabilities. The robots, chutes, and induction stations are all modular, and can be added at any time with no interruption or downtime. In fact, additional robots can be added in seconds, and inductions, sort points and sorter structure can all be moved or increased easily in a matter of hours or less. A unique feature is the system can be expanded in size and capacity on a seasonal or annual basis which defers the capital investment to incremental, phased amounts and fully utilizes the asset and investment throughout the life cycle. This is unlike a traditional sorter that must be procured on day one to meet a long-term, multi-year growth plan. A typical installation takes only three to four months to go-live due to the short lead times and simplicity of implementation. It is the only known unit and parcel sortation system that is portable and can be relocated in a matter of hours or over a single week depending on the size of the system.

The standard system operates on two levels which doubles the volume and sort points in the same footprint and does not require the long declining chutes typical of tilt trays and crossbelts. Due to its unique design, t-Sort diverts direct to the ecommerce order receptacle, store replenishment cartons, the parcel container, or any required client accumulation device. All of this significantly reduces cost and space. t-Sort allows sortation of a wide variety of goods, individual items range from extremely small cosmetics to gallon containers of liquids. The system is ideally suited to handle apparel and footwear, general merchandise, single items, and innerpacks of goods. It sorts parcel bags, boxes and mailers, and loads up to a 30 x 36 inch footprint. The robots easily transport cylindrical and other difficult items through unique tray designs and are self-charging. The system has lower risk, all elements are plug and play, runs on 120 volt plug-in power supply and there is complete redundancy in all elements to include software, servers, and power.

Innovation Statement

t-Sort is the world’s first, portable automated sortation system providing unmatched flexibility and throughput. Our design can accomplish volumes ranging from millions of units a day to a small operation in the backroom of a supercenter or mall anchor store, at lower capital and greater performance than the systems on the market today.


t-Sort provides game changing automation flexibility and revolutionary, easily accomplished modularity at significant capital reduction and space savings and drives dramatic ROI for fulfillment operations allowing a far wider range of companies to afford and justify automation.


Posted Date 1/12/18
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