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Kindred Sort

Posted by Kindred AI (booth # C2253)

Summary of Innovation

Kindred Sort is Kindred’s first commercial offering, helping retail distribution and e-commerce fulfillment centers to quickly and accurately sort products into orders.

Kindred’s intelligent robots help fulfillment center staff do their jobs better by working side-by-side and taking over repetitive or undesirable tasks so human workers can do more meaningful, stimulating jobs. This improves the quality of work for staff, increases productivity, and enables them to be more valuable contributors. It also expands capacity to serve more customers faster, enabling top line revenue growth for Kindred’s clients.

Kindred has been working with multiple major retailers, including Gap, Inc. to pilot Kindred Sort in their existing fulfillment centers side-by-side with fulfillment center associates. With a nearly endless number of goods that need to be moved efficiently and quickly to fulfill an ever-increasing number of orders, Sort is helping to alleviate the massive pressures facing the industry, including significant online sales growth, labor shortages, and increasingly complex and changing material flows.

Innovation Statement

Kindred Sorts arrive pre-trained, and their algorithms improve over time by learning from remote operators at Kindred’s robot control center who complete tasks that machines can’t initially do on their own.

Kindred’s AI systems adapt to each fulfillment center’s unique process to make workers more productive and enable businesses to grow. Using a combination of deep learning, reinforcement learning, human guidance and a dataset generated through having the robot take action in the real world, Kindred is helping robots learn like humans learn, enabling them to perform far more complex tasks for fulfillment center operator than is possible with traditional robots.


Kindred Sort is addressing the labor shortage and efficiency problems facing warehouses and fulfillment centers today - the product leads to a 10x productivity gain, allowing companies to fulfill demand and make up for labor shortages.


Posted Date 1/12/18
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