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Locus Advanced Robotic Proxemics Navigation (LARPN)

Posted by Locus Robotics (booth # B4277)

Summary of Innovation

Locus Robotics’ Advanced Robotic Proxemics Navigation (LARPN) represents a significant advance in autonomous mobile robot navigation technology to yield dramatic improvements in worker productivity beyond that allowed by typical robotic obstacle avoidance systems. LARPN (pronounced “LAR-pin”) is accomplished through a groundbreaking software stack that deftly balances effective robot performance with operational sensitivity and patience around human workers.

Locus’s innovative LARPN technology facilitates close-proximity interactions between robots and human workers, without compromising worker comfort or safety. The ability to smoothly navigate with tighter tolerances allows a highly scalable, multi-robot workforce to deploy in the dynamically changing, high-congestion warehouse environment.

Innovation Statement

Locus Robotics LARPN advances autonomous mobile robotic technology beyond fundamental obstacle avoidance and operation, facilitating more natural, smoother, and safer robot performance alongside human workers.


LARPN allows Locus’s Autonomous Mobile Robots to naturally and comfortably work in close proximity with human workers as collaborative partners, enabling them to significantly increase overall productivity.


Posted Date 1/13/18
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