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Raymond Virtual Reality Simulator

Posted by The Raymond Corporation (booth # B3747a)

Summary of Innovation

The Raymond Virtual Reality Simulator uses an existing Raymond forklift and plugs into the company’s patent-pending sPort or Simulation Port to create an immersive learning environment for operators.

Under the guidance of a certified instructor, operators progress through a series of standardized lessons within a controlled virtual environment — all while using and learning on the actual Raymond truck controls.

The VR lessons, preloaded by truck model, increase in complexity to build upon principles learned in earlier lessons and assist in providing the user with consistent, quality instruction — while reinforcing desired behaviors.

The Raymond Virtual Reality Simulator offers instructional support through:
• Experience with actual Raymond forklifts and their controls
• Supplementary instruction between the classroom and hands-on learning
• Immediate feedback from instructors based on the operator’s movements and responses within the virtual environment
• Collection and generation of operator reports — providing documentation of the operator’s progress in which the instructor could utilize to focus on weak areas and reinforcing
• Experiential instruction for emergency scenarios
• Easy-to-use refresher courses for experienced operators

Innovation Statement

The Raymond Virtual Reality Simulator allows operators to learn in a virtual environment, under the guidance of an experienced instructor, while using an actual truck and its controls by plugging into Raymond’s patent-pending sPort, or Simulation Port — unlike any competitor’s offerings today. Through the simulated environment, operators are taken through a series of standardized lesson modules designed to introduce basic truck control and beginner skills while gradually increasing in complexity to build upon principles and best practices learned in earlier lessons. The tool offers six different truck models while only using one simulation kit.


The Raymond Virtual Reality Simulator allows operators to become familiar and comfortable with the Raymond forklift and its controls prior to operating within the physical warehousing environment, thus building confidence and desired behaviors that help avoid potential product and warehouse damage —while increasing overall warehouse productivity and efficiency.


Posted Date 1/08/18
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