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BYD ECB50 Forklift

Posted by BYD Material Handling (booth # B721)

Summary of Innovation

BYD’s transformative technology, first introduced to eliminate lead-acid batteries and all associated liabilities, now aims to make fossil fuel power a thing of the past.

The 9,000# capacity BYD ECB50 boasts 50% more run time with 4X faster recharge rate than any lead-acid powered product. They are built to withstand harsh outdoor conditions and feature similar torque / horse power as IC trucks. This allows operators at lumber yards, paper mills and manufacturing plants to get the job done while significantly reducing maintenance costs and eliminating high fuel costs.

An industry first, BYD’s technology finally enables operators to confidently move away from internal combustion engines and reap the economic and environmental benefits of zero-emission electrification.

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Innovation Statement

BYD forklifts are built around their Iron-Phosphate Battery technology and offer run / charge performance, longevity and safety profile with an ease of use previously unseen in the industry


Facilities indoor and outdoor alike are now able to simplify their operation, increase safety and lower costs by not having to fuel and maintain their internal combustion engines or lead acid batteries.


Posted Date 1/15/18
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