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Splash — CRM Gamification Engine

Posted by Intelestream (booth # C2271)

Summary of Innovation

One of the biggest challenges CRM implementers have is getting their team engaged in the system. In fact, low user adoption rates are the cause of about 65 percent of all CRM project failures. Gamification is the answer.

By incorporating game-like design concepts into your platform, it makes the CRM experience more engaging for users. Challenge team members with leaderboard-driven contests, unlock badges (achievements) for completing specific tasks, and even earn coins or points redeemable for real-world and virtual prizes. Additionally, administrators can easily create new goals.

Innovation Statement

Few things are as frustrating as going through the expensive, time-consuming process of implementing a new customer relationship management (CRM) system, only to see it fail. It’s an all-too-common problem, with multiple industry studies claiming failure rates between 47% and 63% for new CRMs. Splash is the answer.


Splash provides a powerful toolkit for any company looking to incentivize even the most monotonous and repetitive of tasks.


Posted Date 1/15/18
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