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IoT Cloud Display Device for Warehouses

Posted by Voodoo Robotics (booth # B4375)

Summary of Innovation

Voodoo Robotics is proud to introduce new wireless displays for use in the warehouse. These hardware devices:

• Show two lines of custom text
• Store device-specific data (inventory, sku, location name, etc.)
• Light up on command
• Play custom tunes
• Support wireless Internet connectivity (through proprietary Turbo hub)

Programmable as IoT (Internet of Things) devices, they can be easily integrated with WMS, WCS, or spreadsheet, applications. The devices have an internal antenna, with range of approximately 75 feet and feature a modern compact design supporting two AA batteries accessible from the front of the device without dismounting. Batteries voltages can be viewed on the device or monitored from the server, and batteries can last years depending on usage.

Innovation Statement

While everybody was talking about the Internet of Things (IoT), we built it! These devices can be deployed TODAY into any warehouse, providing two-way, low-cost, practical communications with existing WMS, WCS, or other systems.


Automating the processes of your warehouse is a few mouse-clicks away using direct URL calls from your spreadsheet or WMS, to light up devices with two lines of custom text. Devices can be attached to totes, slots, put-walls, carts, forklifts, etc. using screws, double-sided tape, or zip-ties.


Posted Date 1/15/18
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