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Affordable Pick-to-Light (Hardware as a Service)

Posted by Voodoo Robotics (booth # B4375)

Summary of Innovation

By creating affordable cloud-based hardware devices, Voodoo Robotics is able to offer a wireless, flexible, integrated Pick-to-Light system that can benefit every warehouse. Gone are the huge up-front costs. Gone are the complicated ROIs to justify a deployment. Gone are the costs of wiring a new installation. Gone are the forced long-term support contracts. And, gone are the risks of deploying an obsolete system the day you purchase it!

This Pick-to-Light system is engineered from the ground up, to work with your existing systems (barcode scanners, WMS/WCS, spreadsheets, etc.) the way you work. Integration is seamless: a simple URL call lights up these battery-driven devices with two lines of custom text.

Now speed and accuracy are well within your warehouse’s price range!

Innovation Statement

Making Pick-to-Light affordable for the average warehouse required a fundamentally new approach to the design and engineering of picking lights. The low cost of these devices enables Voodoo Robotics to lease these devices on a month-to-month basis.


There are many ways to use Pick-to-Light systems in a warehouse, but existing systems are so expensive that they can’t be justified, except in very few scenarios. This NEW Pick-to-Light system from Voodoo Robotics is Hardware as a Service and is so affordable that every warehouse can gain immediate benefit from all sorts of use-cases: Put-walls, picking carts, staging name it!


Posted Date 1/15/18
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Category Best Innovation of an Existing Product

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