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Komar Auger-Pak™

Posted by Komar Industries, Inc. (booth # C2551)

Summary of Innovation

Komar invented and patented the auger compactor in 1977, and has been refining the technology ever since. Utilizing a simple low speed, high torque, electromechanical drive, and the continuous forward rotation of an auger screw, the Komar Auger-Pak™ pre-crushes, and compacts a wide variety of waste and recycling materials directly into a hauling container.

While this technology is well suited to an extensive variety of applications, Komar sees a very impressive ROI for fulfillment and distribution centers who employ the Auger-Pak™ for their cardboard processing. Compared to traditional technologies the Auger-Pak™:

• Saves precious floor space by being located outside of the facility
• Uses continuous forward rotation to prevent jams
• Compacts cardboard directly into the hauling container, reducing labor and increasing safety by eliminating the need for internal handling
• Drastically lowers maintenance requirements by getting rid of hydraulic and complex tying systems
• Consistently packs 10-12 tons into each 40 cu.yd. hauling container

Innovation Statement

While there are several auger-compactors on the market, the Komar Auger-Pak™ utilizes a patented screw support system that allows for the largest, most reliable, and durable waste grinding and processing solution in the industry. Because of the amount of force it produces, the Komar Auger-Pak™ efficiently and consistently packs 10-12 tons of cardboard directly into each 40 cu.yd. hauling container.


The Komar Auger-Pak™ provides the most efficient and cost-effective method for high-volume cardboard generators to process their cardboard, and get it out of their facility.


Posted Date 1/17/18
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