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Emulate3D Controls Testing for Machine Builders

Posted by Emulate3D, Inc. (booth # B2338)

Summary of Innovation

Emulate3D Controls Testing for Machine Builders is a SOLIDWORKS add-in which extends the CAD system to include controls testing and operational prototyping of machines or systems, complete with product flows. Users mark up the CAD within SOLIDWORKS to add industrially functional mechanisms complete with controller connections, and the model is exported at the click of a button to the Emulate3D run time environment where it can be run, tested, and debugged. All Emulate3D models can be viewed within Virtual Reality environments which enables them to be demonstrated and interacted with by one or more users in different offices or countries.

Innovation Statement

This Emulate3D development enables system engineers to extend their virtual prototyping beyond what CAD systems offer – by providing a flexible means of adding equipment and mechanisms into the SOLIDWORKS add-in ribbon, Emulate3D has created a powerful framework for many companies to create virtual commissioning models more simply than is otherwise possible. Designers familiar with their CAD systems will need little further guidance to step into full offline controls testing.


Emulate3D Controls Testing for Machine Builders reduces the time and costs it takes to get an automated system to market, while providing an easy to use development and testing environment which is robust, repeatable, and thorough.


Posted Date 1/17/18
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