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IIoT Monitoring

Posted by Vecna Robotics (booth # B4987)

Summary of Innovation

A new era of material movement calls for machinery to be equipped with constant connectivity to produce data that can be used to optimize business operations and achieve 24/7 operations. Vecna Robotics is the first AGV and mobile robotics company that ensures this data is used as both active and passive intelligence, connective to optimize operations on the manufacturing plant floor, warehouse, or distribution center.

IIoT Monitoring offers a real-time complex operation management solution, driven by a continuous stream of data, that provides environmental information, system monitoring, and seamless remote support.

Innovation Statement

IIoT Monitoring securely collects and transmits real-time data, ensuring enhanced performance and driving continuous optimization by proactively monitoring up-time, ensuring facility operations flow uninterrupted even in situations that can bring other robots and automation to a dead stop.


IIoT Monitoring allows local and remote users to see a real-time view of our robots operating in their facility and monitor environmental status and fleet management, as well as dial down to individual units for vehicle health, status, and performance.


Posted Date 2/09/18
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