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SAP with Voice: The Way Forward

Sponsored by Honeywell Safety & Productivity Solutions

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  • Seminar Number 130
  • Date Monday, April 9, 2018
  • Time 3:00 PM - 3:45 PM
  • Location Theater E
  • Type Seminar

Presented By

Rajesh Mendonca - SAP Practice Direct
Almasons Consulting LLC
302-740-2363 (w)

Janet Mascarenhas - Operations Director
Almasons Consulting LLC


What You Will Learn

In this session, you will discover features of voice picking such as Zone picking, batch picking, pick to tote, route optimization, reverse pick, skip slot along with scan and speak options. Not only will you take a critical look at the landscape requirements, explore important considerations for implementation, hear about the benefits of voice picking over RF, learn how eyes free, hands free operation helps to increase warehouse safety, and how to integrate voice with SAP WM & EWM solutions.

Key Takeaways

- Learn how data is streamed, how speech is captured, how ring scanners are used to scan serial numbers and see how errors are minimized in voice. You will also understand how goods are picked in WM and EWM system using headsets instead of an RF gun, how work is inducted and how information is transmitted back to SAP all in real time.
- Understand the benefits of voice picking over RF, learn how to utilize RF infrastructure for voice, and how advance features of voice can optimize warehouse efficiency and bring quick ROI.


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