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Reverse Logistics: No Longer a Supply Chain Afterthought

Sponsored by BEUMER Corporation

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  • Seminar Number 127
  • Date Monday, April 9, 2018
  • Time 2:15 PM - 3:00 PM
  • Location Theater H
  • Type Seminar

Presented By

Brad Radcliffe - Director of Sales - Sortation & Distribution


What You Will Learn

Trends: Once a supply chain afterthought, reverse logistics has become a leading topic as e-retailers and direct-to-consumer manufacturers search for ways to tackle the high rate of customer returns. Online sales are creating large spike in returns. Returns are being processed by retailers for their own products or 3PL’s that can be handling one or more retailers or on-line sites. (non-brick and mortar). Off-Price retailers work with manufacturers to procure end of season, clearance, and excess inventory items at a discounted price. Wholesale liquidators procure their merchandise from large retailers and resell through their own retail stores and other channels. Challenges: 1. Receiving and processing this wide variety and ever-changing product mix. Often the product is not labeled properly or at all. This initial work is very manual (hence a labor issue) as well as creates a large space requirement. The cycle time to get to stock can be multiple days – hence, higher than desired inventory and related carrying costs. This affects sales turnover as well. Solution: 1. Depending on complexity of the inbound product attributes and volumes will drive the level of automation. In our space it fits with high end volumes and “friendly” product which could be a sorter that identifies the product and sorts common product together and/or stocking aisle or equivalent for putaway.

Key Takeaways

- Identify methods to receive and process the wide variety / ever-changing inbound product mix
- Determine appropriate product levels to justify automation
- Explore inbound product sortation and automation solutions


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