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  Atlanta, GA | April 9-12, 2018
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The Omni-Channel Evolution: How Strategic Investment in Fulfillment Automation Ensures Survival of the Fittest

Sponsored by TGW Systems Inc.

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  • Seminar Number 114
  • Date Monday, April 9, 2018
  • Time 12:00 PM - 12:45 PM
  • Location Theater I
  • Type Seminar

Presented By

Raffaele Destro
TGW Systems Inc.


What You Will Learn

Traditional retailers who haven’t adapted to the expectations of customers for omni-channel fulfillment are heading quickly toward extinction—or at least bankruptcy (consider Sears Holdings, Kmart and Radio Shack among many, many others in 2017). Despite extensive storefront closures, shopping in person is not likely to entirely disappear. That’s because retailers with traditional brick-and-mortar outlets can leverage real estate to differentiate from online-only merchants by giving customers the opportunity to interact with, handle or try on items. Plus, “order online / pickup in-store” offers customers quicker gratification than waiting for a parcel delivery. Further, returning defective or unwanted items purchased online to a store for an immediate refund is a quicker, more convenient (and often more appealing) alternative to shipping the item to a returns processing location. So how can retailers equip their fulfillment centers to accommodate omni-channel consumer expectations, yet remain flexible enough to adapt and thrive when facing an unpredictable future? The answer lies in automation. This session explores three areas within a retail order fulfillment operation where automation can make a key impact on an organization’s ability to remain cost-competitive while meeting customer expectations, regardless of the fulfillment channel. Highlighted methodologies support late order cut-off deadlines, waveless and batchless picking, increased inventory variability and volume, faster throughput, seasonal peaks, and limited workforce availability.

Key Takeaways

Participants will takeaway a better understanding of how a strategic investment in fulfilment automation will ensure their retail operation’s survival and success with the functional advantages of the omni-channel evolution—as well as access to a free, follow-on white paper further detailing this topic.


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