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FastFetch Corporation

Booth #B2336

FastFetch provides a revolutionary, multimodal order fulfilment system combining light directed, voice and wireless barcode scanning technologies. Ideal applications include eCommerce, store replenishment, piece picking, reverse logistics and kitting and sequencing for assembly line manufacturing.

FastFetch systems incorporate numerous optimization algorithms supporting order cubing, batching, cart shelf loading and travel distance minimization. FastFetch clients are geographically distributed across the US and Mexico.

FastFetch holds US and international patents on its technology. Some FastFetch customers report picking rates as high as high as 1,100 lines/hour with virtually 100% accuracy - all at a cost significantly lower than competing picking technologies.

Garry Harper
VP, Sales & Marketing
Phone: (864) 415-9610

Jack Peck


FastFetch Batch Picking
FastFetch Cart Picking
FastFetch Cubing Algorithm
FastFetch Order Fulfillment
FastFetch Order Picking
FastFetch Parts Movement for Automotive Assembly
FastFetch Pick to Light
FastFetch Put to Light
FastFetch PutWalls
FastFetch Reverse Logistics

Industries Served

Wholesale Trade
Retail Trade
Transportation and Warehousing

Contact Exhibitor

FastFetch Corporation
1548 Fort Hill Dr
Seneca, SC 29678

Phone: (864) 650-1990
Fax: (801) 650-1997

Garry Harper
VP, Sales & Marketing
(86) 415-9610

Jack Peck
(864) 650-1990


Product Categories

Computer Hardware and/or Software
Consulting & Professional Services
Order Picking Fulfillment & Delivery
Reverse Logistics Services