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  Atlanta, GA | April 9-12, 2018
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The Kennedy Group

Booth #B2263

The Kennedy Group, a family-owned and operated business since 1974, is a leader in providing market-tested and innovative solutions to help customers package, promote, identify and track their products.

Our Original Placard Label Holder, featuring Hold & Release Technology™, allows labels to be easily applied and removed thousands of times with minimal surface degradation. This innovative product line – ideal for reusable packaging, racks and shelving – is available in multiple sizes, styles, grades, and colors. With a 99.999% success rate, it is the only labeling system in the industry guaranteed to perform.

Our materials undergo independent testing, including removability, durability, surface testing, QUV weathering, extreme temperatures and wash cycles. Anything Less Means Risking More.

We provide complete RFID solutions from initial exploratory site planning through implementation. Our RFID services include hardware, tag selection, encoding and application expertise.

Media Library

Board Placard Label Holder
A creative identification system for reusable bulk containers and wire mesh bins.
Container Placard Label Holder
A creative identification system for returnable/reusable containers.
Durable Premium Nameplate
Proven to withstand harsh environmental and washing conditions, extreme temperatures and UV exposure.
Freezer Grade Placard Label Holder
An identification system for containers, racks & shelving for cold storage.
Magnetic Placard Label Holder
A creative identification system for metal racks and containers.
Nameplate Labels
Identification & asset management for reusable packaging.
Rack Placard Label Holder
A creative identification system for racks and shelving units.
RFID Document Tracking
Reduce time spent searching for lost or mis-filed documents.
RFID Item-Level Tagging
Improve inventory accuracy, item visibility and loss prevention throughout the supply chain.
RFID Multi-Trip Tags
Unique combination of functionality, robust construction & outstanding performance-to-size ration.
RFID Smart Nameplate
Ideal for permanent identification & asset management.
Warehouse Location Nameplates
Create order with identification/barcode labels for your racking and shelving units.
Weight Capacity Nameplates
Capacity labels alert workers & forklift operators of the maximum capacity in certain areas of the warehouse.

Contact Exhibitor

The Kennedy Group
38601 Kennedy Parkway
Willoughby, OH 44094

Phone: 440-951-7660
Fax: 440-951-3253



Kennedy Placard Label Holder
Smart Nameplate
SmartTherm RFID Tags

Product Categories

Containers & Dunnage
Labels, Labeling Devices & Tracking Solutions
Packaging & Unitizing Machinery & Materials
Pallets & Palletizers
Parcel, Freight & Cargo Distribution
Radio Frequency Identification & Data Communications Equipment
Sustainable Facility Solutions

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North America
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