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Automation Plus, Div. of CSF Inc

Booth #B4829

Automation Plus has an innovative solution for stacking empty pallets in full case picking modules commonly found in distribution centers (DC) called the Pallet Return Device. Improve safety and overall DC throughput with this ergonomic, manual assist pallet stacker and enjoy a favorable ROI while cutting labor costs.

Operating in distribution center applications, the PRD- pallet return device safely assists stacking empty wood or plastic pallets in a pick module without electricity or compressed air. With the system, an operator guides a pallet over a pivot point, creating a mechanical advantage that prevents back strain. An incorporated carriage guides the empty pallets to create a perfect stack without reshaping. For a smooth transition from load (vertical) to unload (horizontal) position, the machine's shock absorbing device safely guides the stack. Once positioned, the pallets are rolled forward to a raised outbound point and released from the carriage.

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Automation Plus, Div. of CSF Inc
810 US Highway 51 East
PO Box 227
Stoughton, WI 53589

Toll Free: (800) 236-7130 x1855
Phone: (608) 205-1855
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Dennis Hilgendorf

Steve Tortorici
VP of Sales & Marketing


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