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IAM Robotics

Booth #B4176

IAM Robotic's Swift Solution Suite, which is the world’s first mobile piece picking robot, is based on IAM's intelligent autonomous material handling technology. Swift enables its robots to autonomously navigate human-friendly environments, identify the location of objects, and pick individual items or bins - at human-level speeds and accuracy. Swift is a complete solution to support a customer’s workflow and system requirements for managing inventory items, receiving an order, picking an item or bin of items, bringing the goods to a pick station or pack station for eventual packing and shipment: The system consists of three components: The Flash Scanner, The Swift Robot and SwiftLink.


IAM Robotics
Swift Robot
Swift Solution Suite

Innovation Award

Flash is a high-performance, combination product dimensioner and photo booth. Flash is compact, lightweight, mobile, and battery powered. In under a second, Flash can record barcode information, 3D dimensions, weight, packaging information and a high-resolution image of any product placed inside. One single device is used to collect accurate, detailed information on your inventory with millimeter accuracy. This drastically reduces manual data ...

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IAM Robotics
12 South Ave
Sewickley, PA 15143

Phone: (412)626-7425

Joel Reed
Vice President

Tom Galluzzo


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Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems
Automatic Guided Vehicle Systems
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