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DMLogic, LLC

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DMLogic designs, installs and supports systems to manage everything inside the four walls of the warehouse. From prescription drugs to auto parts, DMLogic creates a flawless flow of identification, sorting, tracking, packing, shipping and validating. Now a member of Korber Logistics Systems family along with HighJump, DMLogic offers the full range of systems integration, automation, material handling and software implementation to manage any warehouse operation from big to small.

DMLogic’s premiere product is STEPLogic, a software development platform that enables users to design and develop new processes and implementation tools. STEPLogic Trace, a track and trace solution, and STEPLogic Warehouse, a customizable WMS where users pick and choose the apps they want to install, are built on the STEPLogic platform and give users the power and adaptability to customize and personalize their systems to meet their business requirements. For more information, visit

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Implementing a Serialization Project Post DSCSA
To comply with the new DSCSA, manufacturers are to investing in the systems, equipment and processes to ensure that their drugs are serialized at each level of packaging. It will be a significant investment regardless of size. We have been successful in recent serialization products but we have learned a few things about what to do and not to do.
The Pain of Packing In an E-Commerce World
With ecommerce volume growing quickly, it is shaping how businesses sell their products, and forcing changes onto the warehouse. While picking seems to get the attention when it comes to omnichannel efficiency, packing is an overlooked area when small changes could make a world of difference.
Top 10 Tips for Creating an RFP for Differentiation
Do you often send out RFPs but realize every response is the same? Much like a college exam, multiple choice allows you to check the correct boxes but the essay section is where the meat it. Learn how to create a RFP that gives you the answers to your requirements while still providing the information to determine is the respondant is the right fit
What Does at Keystroke Cost Your Organization
Each and every day you watch as your workforce performs their jobs, and you know that every day they commit the same transactions using the same screens and hitting the same set of keys. And almost every one of them at some point during their routine, hits the dreaded Tab key. What if your team could skip that tab key? How much time would it save?
WMS for Small to Mid-Sized Businesses
The thought of purchasing and installing a WMS in a small warehouse may seems daunting but the benefits can surely outweigh those fears once they are clearly understood. Using Excel to manage inventory or managing a warehouse with a home-grown legacy system may seem like the only option for a small or mid-sized company but not anymore.


How Thomas & Betts Uses STEPLogic
Thomas & Betts provides more than 70% of the electronic components needed for any electrical installation. With such a wide variety of skus, mistakes can easily happen. See how T&B used STEPLogic to build a weight check into their picking process so that mistakes were caught immediately even utlizing a legacy WMS.

STEPLogic 6 Release
STEPLogic is a software development tool that automates development tasks, replacing them with configuration steps. The product offers the tools to build decision tree navigation so users can enhance their current WMS to meet their specific needs.

STEPLogic Receiving App
At your peak operation, how well your receiving dock is managed can make all the difference. Damaged goods, late deliveries and missing paperwork slows down your processes before deliveries even make it to the warehouse. Unfortunately your WMS likely isn't configured to address vendor issues. Monitoring vendors and maintaining that data could make all the difference in an efficient and cost effective vendor negotiation. STEPLogic is the revolutionary WMS software development tool that puts the power of customization in the hands of the user. Enabling the creation of enhancements, new processes, screens and RF dialogues, STEPLogic gives users the ability to personalize their WMS with minimal need for traditional development.

STEPLogic Warehouse
STEPLogic Warehouse is a feature rich WMS designed and priced to support small to medium businesses. A new concept in WMS, STEPLogic Warehouse is an app-based product which enables users to fully customize their WMS by choosing core apps which can be modified or by building new apps quickly to meet business requirements. The complete suite of apps includes every step of traditional warehouse management system from basic picking and packing to advanced value added services.

STEPLogic Trace
STEPLogic Trace is a comprehensive, federally compliant serialization solution that supports cradle to grave tracking within the distribution center. In compliance with the Drug Supply Chain Safety Act (DSCSA), the product meets requirements that manufacturers, distributors and retailers must be able to track, trace and report on the movement of prescription drugs and medical devices, throughout the supply chain.

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