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6 River Systems, Inc

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Growing Pressure on Warehouse Operations
Demands on e-commerce and retail businesses are growing exponentially, especially in the warehouse. Yet finding and retaining quality warehouse personnel is getting more difficult, and seasonal hires take time to train; especially if you’re trying to leverage automation technologies.

All these factors are causing chaos on the fulfillment center floor as ill-equipped associates try to fulfill more orders, more quickly, to meet increasing customer expectations for faster delivery times.

Meet Chuck
An intelligent, fully-equipped workhorse for the modern fulfillment center.

Chuck is a collaborative mobile robot that uses powerful cloud-based software, machine learning, and AI to get smarter and more efficient as it works.

Chuck can double and triple the productivity of your warehouse associates – at half the cost of traditional automation; without requiring any new infrastructure, or changing your warehouse layout.


If Elon Musk designed a warehouse; how Tesla-like technology changes the game 4/11/2018 3:00 PM 3:45 PM Theater E

Innovation Award

6 River Systems, Inc. (6RS) Collaborative Fulfillment Solution
6 River Systems (6RS) has advanced the capabilities of the industry's most comprehensive robotic fulfillment automation solution with a series of new innovations and features. The solution, nominated for Best New Innovation at Promat 2017, now allows fulfillment operators the ability to interleave picking and replenishment of product using collaborative mobile robots (Chuck). In addition, the solution now allows operators the choice between discrete ...

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