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Impinj is a leading provider and pioneer of RAIN RFID solutions for identifying, locating and authenticating everyday items. At Impinj, our vision is digital life for everyday items. We connect everyday items to the digital world allowing businesses to analyze and use data about those items to improve efficiencies, increase sales, and delight customers. We have many market opportunities including retail, healthcare, supply chain and logistics, industrial manufacturing, and more.

When supply chain and logistics companies have accurate real-time information about the parts, packages and assets that move through their operation and supply chain they can operate with greater efficiency and accuracy. The Impinj platform allows companies to optimize operations, increase efficiency, and reduce cost with shipment verification, asset management, and warehouse inventory location tracking.

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Impinj: Bringing IoT for Supply Chain & Logistics
Those looking to stay ahead are quickly integrating RAIN RFID into their business procedures. As a low-cost, battery-free, wireless solution, RAIN RFID offers flexible answers for pressing logistics procedures. Bring Internet of Things capabilities into your operations with the Impinj platform.
Japan Pallet Rental Tracks Pallets with RAIN RFID
Japan Pallet Rental uses RAIN RFID technology to help track and manage assets to run a more cost-effective business.
A RAIN RFID solution built on the Impinj platform helps Johnson Controls find missing shipping containers, track returnable assets, and reduce operating costs.

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RFID Enabled Artificial Intelligence for Logistics
Impinj RAIN RFID platform consists of endpoints (IC’s on RFID tags), a connectivity layer consisting of readers to read these tags, and an operating system layer called ItemSense that provides the item intelligence of tagged items. The endpoint IC’s automatically tune and sterilize themselves. The gateway readers are unmanned, continuously read tags, are context-aware, and can be positioned overhead. Finally, the ItemSense software is smart algorithm ...

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