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SpaceGuard Products, Inc.

Booth #B4547

SpaceGuard Products is a leading manufacturer of wire mesh partitions & area guarding products including wire mesh storage lockers, rack safety panels, aisle guarding & mezzanine rail guarding. We offer two solutions for your wire mesh caging needs—FordLogan & BeastWire Mesh Guarding.

Recognized as the industry leader, FordLogan uses our exclusive UNI-MESH™ 10ga. woven wire triple crimped design.

BeastWire partitions are produced with a 10ga or 6ga. welded wire mesh in a 2” square pattern, providing optimal structural integrity while also being visually appealing.

All of SpaceGuard products/brands are proudly manufactured in Seymour, Indiana. We’re committed to providing excellent products & service to our dealers & customers.

SpaceGuard offers—
• Wire partition walls
• Security, inventory, & school cages
• Tenant, bike, & military storage lockers
• DEA, aerosol, & food & beverage cages
• Infill panels & machine guarding
• Vault, police, & border guard cages

Media Library

2018 MODEX Press Release
SGP New “BeastBuilder” Program Makes Closing the Deal Even Easier! SpaceGuard Products is pleased to announce the release of the much-anticipated 3D Configurator—the BeastBuilder.
BeastWire Mesh Applications
Storage, Safety & Security Solutions: Unleashed Wire Mesh Partitions Pallet Rack Safety & Security Systems Storage Lockers
BeastWire Mesh Pallet Rack Safety & Security Systems
Works with your storage racking system, not against it. Prevents costly damage and injuries due to falling objects. Averts theft of costly inventory and tooling. The Grrripper Bracket The world’s first and only drop-in bracket. Saves install time. Won’t disengage from rack upon impact when drop pin is correctly installed.
BeastWire Mesh Partitions
Safety & Security: Evolved. BeastWire systems provide superior protection for your most important assets and your bottom line. Averts theft of equipment, inventory, and sensitive information; protects personnel from costly injuries. Unrivaled strength, BeastWire partitions are built to last.
BeastWire Mesh Store Lockers
Provides flexible, onsite storage for tenants, employees, and military personnel. Gain the visibility and circulation you need without compromising strength, as these units are built to last.
FordLogan Woven Wire Partitions
Standard-Duty Woven Wire Partitions • Proven, industry standard design: triple-crimped diamond wire mesh • Lasting protection of materials and personnel at a lower cost


BeastWire Lockers vs. Chicken Wire
Want to know what make BeastWire Lockers so versatile and why customers choose BeastWire Lockers over the "other guys?" This video will show you some of the differences.

Coach's Corner with Scott Jump
The Coach highlights and explains the differences between BeastWire Products and the "other guys!" Coach's Corner by Scott Jump, Sales Engineer, SpaceGuard Products

Welcome to the BeastBuilder!
The BeastBuilder is a revolutionary quoting tool that provides your customers with fast and reliable quotes. With our easy-to-use 3D Configurator,the power to create a quote is in your hands! Quotes include material and freight prices, plus, each quote comes with full approval drawings. For online training tools and videos visit our website at:

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SpaceGuard Products, Inc.
711 South Commerce Drive
Seymour, IN 47274

Phone: 800-841-0680
Fax: 800-428-5758

Amy Cunningham
Marketing & Sales Coordinator

Ray Niemeyer
Director of Business Development



BeastWire Mesh Guarding
Grrripper Bracket

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Safety Equipment & Ergonomics

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