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ifm efector, inc.

Booth #B3579

ifm efector is one of the world's largest manufacturers of industrial sensors and control products. For over 45 years, ifm has developed, manufactured, and marketed sensors. We offer a complete family of position sensors, diagnostic systems, networking products, and wiring solutions.
3D Camera by ifm assures robust positioning of forks in pallet pockets every time!
All too frequently in a busy warehouse, product is damaged when the forks within a forklift do not accurately align within the pallet pockets, causing "miss pics" due to pushing or dragging the pallet. These incidents may lead to downtime or a potential hazardous condition.
The O3D Smart Sensor includes an all-in-one solution that reliably detects the position and confirms the ability to make an accurate pick in one shot!
This unique combination of reliability and speed eliminates forklift related incidents, reducing costs and risks associated with bad pallet picks.
For live demo visit ifm booth B3579.

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IO-Link unlocks sensor intelligence


ifm O3D sensor de-palletizing
The ifm O3D Smart Sensor determines the next box to pick while the robot is dropping the previous case, eliminating the need to stop before each pick.

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ifm efector, inc.
1100 Atwater Drive
Malvern, PA 19355

Toll Free: 8004418246
Phone: 610-524-2810
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Product Categories

Controls and Controlling Devices
Radio Frequency Identification & Data Communications Equipment

Industries Served

Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, and Hunting
Transportation and Warehousing

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