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J-tec Industries, Inc.

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J-tec Industries, manufacturer of the CarryMore Tugger Cart System, is a material handling equipment expert specializing in innovative solutions for materials flow through manufacturing facilities.

Our CarryMore Mother/Daughter Tugger Cart System is a patented, totally mechanical train and cart solution which helps distribute materials to lineside operations in a LEAN manner, at the right time, with the right amount of materials. Our Daughter Carts, full of materials, ride up off the floor when being transported through facilities onboard their Mother Cart Trains. When the train reaches its destination, each Daughter Cart uses a gravity-assisted release feature to disengage and roll off of their carrier Mother Carts. This Mother/Daughter system helps eliminate the unsafe and inefficient use of forklifts delivering materials in worker-traffic areas. Adding carts to trains makes delivery operations 100% more efficient, per cart, than the now forbidden forklift delivery practices.


Championing the Inevitable Transformation in Materials Movement 4/11/2018 11:15 AM 12:00 PM Theater F
Championing the Inevitable Transformation in Materials Movement 4/12/2018 10:30 AM 11:15 AM Theater I

Innovation Award

CARRYMATiC - no touch materials movement
Summary of Innovation: J-tec Industries has developed an industry 4.0 solution called CARRYMATiC. This automated material transfer system consists of smart carts, smart line transfer stations, a vehicle Interface module (VIM) and proprietary supervisor software. The carts are pulled in a train by a manned tugger vehicle (manual mode) or unmanned AGV (auto mode) throughout facilities, moving cargo automatically on and off of carts and stations at ...
J-tec Industries, Inc. Bi-Directional Steering Control System
Summary of Innovation: J-tec Industries has developed a NEW, ergonomic Bi-Directional Steering Control System which allows a cart or trailer to be pushed or pulled in perpendicular directions with at least one “rigid” caster always facing in the direction desired. This is necessary for maintaining operator control while a cart or trailer is pushed or pulled in different directions. This is a substantial improvement, including ergonomic considerations, ...

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J-tec Industries, Inc.
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CARRYMATiC automated delivery systems
CarryMax Heavy Duty Trailers
CarryMore Tugger Cart System

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