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McCue Corporation

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A full range of engineered solutions that protect your people as well as your property and equipment. Self-protecting products with shock displacement and deflection design to protect from racks, floors, doors, and corners to storage rooms, warehouses and distribution centers, turning accidents into incidents.

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Column Guard
The modular, shock-absorbing assembly installs securely and cushions columns, equipment and drivers from impacts. Protect the structural integrity of your facility and the financial integrity of your business.
Crash Barrier
Engineered from solid ductile iron and maintenance-free polypropylene, our Crash Barrier ensures heavy equipment doesn’t stand a chance of damaging your walls or facility. Crash Barrier is also ideal for creating traffic lanes, framing off areas protecting columns and separating moving equipment from people.
Deflector Post
Distributing impact energy with rock and spin capabilities, the Deflector Post protects against glancing blows—perfect for high-traffic corners. Engineered to install fast and require no maintenance, it keeps your business rolling right along.
FlexCore Bollard ProductSheet
FlexCore Bollard is stronger than steel plate bollards and easier on your equipment and people. No more holes to dig, concrete to pour or pipes to paint, the FlexCore Bollard installs in a fraction of the time and at much lower cost, without sacrificing strength.
FlexCore Guardrail
Our easily installed Barrier system is designed for areas that need an extra level of protection. Your most important barrier is the one separating your workforce from the forklift careening across your floor. Keep your people safe, and your business protected!
Goal Post
We engineered our goalpost door protection to withstand direct impacts from heavy equipment, spinning and lifting to absorb damaging forces. Best of all, they install fast—thanks to molded nylon cups that let each support pipe to install independently.
Pedestrian Barrier
Your most important barrier is the one separating your workforce from the four-ton forklift careening across your warehouse floor. Our fully modular system keeps your people safe and your business protected—with the most advanced protective system ever designed.
Shock-Absorbing Rack Guard
Hit an ordinary rack guard hard enough and the concrete will give up its hold. We engineered ours smarter—with a built in industrial-grade shock-absorber that takes stronger hits. That means your rack, floor and equipment are safer—so your business can move faster.

Innovation Award

Our engineers set out to vastly improve our already impressive BumperSign-giving it a patent-pending shock absorber that allows the post to flex on impact-protecting the signpost, the ground underneath it, and whatever struck the post. It's paint-free and scratch-resistant, and can be quickly installed in asphalt or concrete with no concrete to pour or holes to core-drill. Importantly, the internal signpost is engineered to be cut on-site-making ...
FlexCore GuardRail
McCue FlexCore GuardRail is our strongest, most technical product yet-but you'd never know it from looking at its smooth, flawless yellow veneer. Beneath that flexible polymer exterior is an integrated system of industrial rubber shock absorbers, ductile iron and aircraft-grade aluminum that allows the guardrail to rebound from massive direct hits. We custom-engineered every component from the inside out to make it perform like nothing else out ...

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