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Alba Manufacturing Incorporated

Booth #B4427

Alba is a manufacture of pallet conveyor, pallet dispensers, pallet stackers, and transfer cars. Alba also manufactures pallet conveyor with 24VDC powered rollers and pre-mounted control cards. Alba adds value to their conveyors by pre-mounting photo eyes, solenoid valves, proximity switches and motor disconnects to save you time and money on installation. Alba features a 2 year warranty on all standard products! Alba conveyors are tested and shipped fully assembled.


CDLR Turntables with motorized or pnuematic bases, CDLR conveyor with Chain transfers
Pallet Conveyor, Pallet Stackers, Pallet Dispensers, Motorized Tranfer Cars, 24VDC CDLR Conveyor, CDLR Conveyor, Drag Chain Conveyor

Export Markets

North America

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Alba Manufacturing Incorporated
8950 Seward Road
Fairfield, OH 45011

Toll Free: 866-252-2634
Phone: 513-874-0551
Fax: 513-874-9476

Brad Bell
National Accounts Manager
513 881-6802

Charlie Sears
National Accounts Manager
513 881-6805

Kyle McMahan
National Accounts Manager
513 881 6804

Mike Santen
National Accounts Manager
513 881-6823


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