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Vecna Robotics

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Two decades of engineering advanced hardware and software has gone into developing a low-risk, highly scalable fleet of robotic AGVs. Our end-to-end solutions deliver accuracy, productivity, and competitive advantage across a wide range of processes and markets. Vecna Robotics is committed to helping Fortune 50s, small-, & medium-sized businesses reduce costs and optimize workflows with automation that adapts to you.

Dynamic Fleet of Autonomous Material Movers
• Transport cases, totes, pallets, or non-conveyables
• No infrastructure changes required
• Designed to interact and coordinate with each other

Integrated Intelligence Control
• AI control system for optimized fleet management
• Simple coordination of robots, manual equipment, and workers
• Simple WMS integration

Comprehensive Support
• Pre-sales simulation to determine optimum configuration
• Rapid installation by Vecna Robotics Deployment Team
• 24/7 IIoT Monitoring (no physical intervention needed)

Media Library

MiltonCAT Case Study: Vecna Robotics Warehouse Automation
Learn how Vecna Robotics helped Milton CAT achieve its goals of finding affordable and advanced automation to improve fulfillment speed and optimize workflows for its 15-acre, 87,000-square-foot Milford parts operation that houses 220,000-line items.
Robotic Tugger 4500kg
The RT4500 autonomous tugger is built to maximize productivity by automating point-to-point transport of your large payloads with flatbed carts or trains of carts. Special MODEX Offer: 5% off RT4500 tuggers purchased within 30 days of MODEX 2018 - Apply now for easy leasing pre-approval before Modex here:


The RL3600 Robotic Lifter
The RL3600 self-navigating lifter is engineered for precise, autonomous pallet transport, including fully-automated pick-up and drop-off. Consisting of an OEM pallet truck integrated with Vecna's platform-agnostic autonomy package, the RL3600 retains all the functionality of the original material handling equipment but is now capable of self-navigating in dynamic environments. Ideal for horizontal transport of any palletized payload, the RL3600 includes options for multiple fork lengths and pallet types. Whether transporting from receiving to storage, end-of-line to shipping, or building and delivering mixed pallets, the RL3600 provides safe, reliable, and precise automated pallet handling. The RL3600 can be reverted to manual operation like a conventional lift with the flick of a switch. In self-driving mode, the RL3600 can be assigned to pick and place pallets from any location, including staging areas or specific aisles and bays.

The Robotic Tugger 4500kg
The RT4500 autonomous tugger is built to maximize productivity by automating point-to-point transport of your large payloads with flatbed carts or trains of carts. safe, reliable solution to reducing forklift traffic, the RT4500 is ideally suited for applications such as lineside replenishment, and horizontal transport of racks, bins, pallets and oversized and/or non-conveyable payloads. The RT4500 can easily operate in autonomous mode or can be manually operated with the flip of a switch. In operator optional, self-driving mode, the RT4500 can be coordinated to intelligently follow any route throughout your facility, and can either be programmed via an intuitive touchscreen UI, or integrate with your WMS/MES for fully-dynamic fleet coordination.


AGV Integration and IIoT Strategies to Gain Agility and Competitive Advantage 4/10/2018 1:30 PM 2:15 PM Theater C

Innovation Award

IIoT Monitoring
A new era of material movement calls for machinery to be equipped with constant connectivity to produce data that can be used to optimize business operations and achieve 24/7 operations. Vecna Robotics is the first AGV and mobile robotics company that ensures this data is used as both active and passive intelligence, connective to optimize operations on the manufacturing plant floor, warehouse, or distribution center. IIoT Monitoring offers a real-time ...

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Vecna Robotics
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Phone: (617) 864-0636

John Hayes
VP Sales and Marketing
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