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Ancra Systems B.V.

Booth #B966

Ancra Systems is a specialist in ATLS ( Automatic Truck Loading Systems) and we dedicate ourselves to offer maximum added value in automatic truck (un)loading solutions.
We offer custom solutions by creating a link between production facilities and warehouses and more.
With our innovative new Skateloader system that loads both containers and trailers, we can make one dock do the work of 5! Imagine driver wait time being an average of only 8 minutes!

We have been specialists in ATLS for over 28 years. ATLS is our passion and focus. With this long-time commitment we have built in-depth knowledge about trailer construction, warehousing solutions, building construction, and connecting our systems with end-of-line equipment, conveyors and automated warehouses.
By starting with a wide range of modular equipment, we customize solutions to meet the needs of each customer’s unique situation.

Every situation is unique!

Direct Line (US): (908) 297 2731


Ancra Chain system
Ancra Slat system

Innovation Award

The SkateLoader allows the automatic loading of Trailers and Containers without any modifications to arriving containers or trailers. This innovation makes it possible to greatly increase the number of trailers that can be loaded in a day as well as increasing safety and ease of loading. The skate loader also can be staged with conventional fork trucks, AGV’s and conveyor systems. The SkateLoader system is equipped with a scanning technology that ...

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Ancra Systems B.V.
P.O. Box 33 - 5280 AA Boxtel
Staarten 14
Boxtel, 5281 PL Boxtel

Phone: +31 88 0247 111
Fax: +31 (0) 411 677 315

Jack Smylie
Sales Manager North America
(908) 297 2731


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