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  Atlanta, GA | April 9-12, 2018
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All machines connected. All the time.

Your business needs to integrate legacy systems and multiple data sources to manage complex processes. The IOT revolution means you need to proactively order parts and schedule repairs. In order for your business to be customer centric, your field reps and service agents need a single view of the customer with mobile access to provide a rich user experience for both employees and customers. Intelestream delivers comprehensive sales and marketing solutions for industrial machinery and equipment manufacturers. The result is an improved bottom line and increased customer satisfaction.

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CRM for Logistics and Transportation Companies
In this ebook, we’re going to examine a few of the most common use cases for CRM in logistics and transportation. We’ll look at the many roles a CRM can play in your daily operations, and discuss the long-term benefits a CRM can bring to your company. Let’s get started!
Dashboard Deployer — Dashboard Sharing for Sugar®
Easily create custom dashboards and seamlessly share them with individual users, teams, and user groups with this powerful new integration from Intelestream. CRM administrators can roll out new dashboards to any user or group, and update existing dashboards with new dashlets with just a few clicks.
Extended Support for Sugar®
The launch of a perfectly implemented CRM isn’t the end of the journey, it’s just the beginning. As your company grows, it’s essential that you have the best support team available to keep your CRM in tune.
Google Sheets Business Intelligence Plugin
Once your Sugar® implementation is complete and your employees are actively engaging with the software, it’s time to step it up a notch. When it comes to managing customers, there are few solutions on the market as powerful as SugarCRM.
Jumpstart for Sugar®
Take the stress and uncertainty out of your Sugar® implementation with Jumpstart support from Intelestream. Our expert staff will guide you through every step of the implementation process — from software configuration to advanced workflow optimizations — ensuring a smooth CRM launch.
Manufacturing & CRM: Working Smarter in the Connected Age
Few industries are as varied in definition and scope as manufacturing. No two manufacturers are the same, and yet they all share a common problem: Effectively managing their customer relationships to increase sales, boost engagement, and manage growth.
RingCentral for Sugar®
Bring the convenience and flexibility of RingCentral’s cloud-based phone system directly into your CRM workflow, enhancing productivity while providing valuable new tools for your team. Click-to-dial functionality makes it simple to instantly call any number in your SugarCRM database.
Splash for Sugar?®
Boost revenue and employee engagement through Intelestream’s Splash CRM gamification platform for Sugar?®. Splash turns your CRM into an employee-motivation engine, using game-like mechanics to tap into your workforce’s hidden potential.
Understanding the Center of Gravity in Your Business
Every business has specific tools — like email and spreadsheets — that act as the “center of gravity” of the operation. What happens when a more efficient tool, like CRM, disrupts the established workflow? In this white paper, we explore the challenges and the benefits of a CRM-focused center of gravity.
What is CRM? It Means Something Different to Everyone
Depending on who you ask, a CRM system can mean anything from a marketing-automation service to a back-end reporting tool. What exactly does customer relationship management mean, and how can it benefit your business? It all depends on the use case. In this white paper, we take a look at the many uses of CRM.


Splash - CRM Gamification Engine
Designed to make the CRM more "sticky" and rewarding for users, Splash provides a powerful toolkit for any company looking to incentivize even the most monotonous and repetitive of tasks. Workers can be challenged with leaderboard-driven contests, unlock badges (achievements) for completing specific tasks, and even earn "coins" or "points" redeemable for real-world and virtual prizes. Administrators can easily create new goals for any metric SugarCRM tracks, and generate custom reports through Splash's dashboard.

Get Engaged with Gamification: Step Up Your CRM User Adoption
Getting users on board with your CRM integration and employing best practices can feel like pulling teeth. Yet without full CRM user adoption the benefits that the system can bring to the organization are not realized. Gamification is a tried and tested strategy that combats this user adoption problem and helps to drive sales behavior.

RingCentral for Sugar®
Seamlessly integrate your RingCentral phone system with Sugar® using this powerful new plugin from Intelestream. Bring the convenience and flexibility of RingCentral's cloud-based phone system directly into your CRM workflow, enhancing productivity while providing valuable new tools for your team.


Total CRM: Combining CRM software with ERP and beyond 4/10/2018 10:30 AM 11:15 AM Smart City Logistics and Connected Supply Chain Theater 1

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Splash — CRM Gamification Engine
One of the biggest challenges CRM implementers have is getting their team engaged in the system. In fact, low user adoption rates are the cause of about 65 percent of all CRM project failures. Gamification is the answer. By incorporating game-like design concepts into your platform, it makes the CRM experience more engaging for users. Challenge team members with leaderboard-driven contests, unlock badges (achievements) for completing specific ...

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