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Rocke Solid, LLC

Booth #C2748

Want to reduce back strain? Want to reduce time to deliver product? Want to hire women?

The Clever Foot Lever was originally developed to reduce the pull-back of the Rocke Solid Rack System used by the military by more than 90%, all while moving a heavy, awkward outboard motor. It can be a useful tool for every product delivery driver. It is easier, safer, and reduces health issues for delivery drivers.

After seeing the benefits received by the users of the Clever Foot Lever, and learning about the need for a product like it from professional delivery drivers, we developed it to fit many handcarts used by delivery drivers today, including Magliner.

The average hand cart is stamped with a loaded weight allowance of 500 pounds. Without the Clever Lever, it is almost impossible to pull that much weight back without straining your back.
Come see us at C2748 - reduce your drivers strain & pain!

Innovation Award

Clever Foot Lever
The clever foot lever was originally developed, manufactured and sold tot he US government. It was added to an outboard engine maintenance rack to allow one military personnel to move 400+ outboard engines around. The clever foot lever reduces the pull back on outboard engine carts by more then 85%. After seven years of successful use by the military one of our works was watching a delivery driver struggle with pulling back a stack of sodas. He ...

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