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Wirepas Mesh in asset management

Locate assets indoors and outdoors, as well as at e.g. customer locations with a mesh technology without recurring fees. With Wirepas Mesh, each item has a unique ID and it gets reported with a time stamp, location data and also sensor data in your premises. Whenever the asset is out of the network, it can be found with any smart device through a simple beacon function. Keeping your staff safe and being able to report it, is key in today’s society.

Ensure your customers, that you are taking care of their assets. Make sure that you are storing and transporting them in the right circumstances and able to hand them over in mint condition and able to report it. Wirepas Mesh will enable you to collect time stamped sensor and location data on pallet, box or container level with a specific ID. You can report on the conditions throughout the supply chain from production through shipping and transportation to distribution centers all the way to end point.

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Iot Asset Tracking; Review 5 Case Studies & Understand Critical Technology Choices 4/11/2018 3:45 PM 4:30 PM Theater B

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