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KanbanBOX is the web software for managing your kanban system with electronic kanban (e-kanban). The in Cloud system can easily integrate with any ERP. The app (for Android and iOS) enables to read barcodes and to send orders to suppliers directly from the smartphone.

With KanbanBOX you can
• Start and develop the kanban system
• Simplify new kanbans dimensioning and printing
• Activate the real kanban system maintenance
• Link to your suppliers & customers
• Record real-time variations in consumption and supply

• Solve the difficulties of stockholding
• Supervise the internal materials flow
• Provide real-time communication with customers & suppliers
• Get view along all the Lean Supply Chain
• Reduce stock & Lead Time

The system can handle the kanban management of:
• Purchasing
• Production
• Material Handling
• Distribution
• Sales
• Heijunka
• Healthcare

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