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Alpesa SA/Upalet

Booth #B1361

Corrugated pallets Suitable for transportation of food and pharmaceutical products. The go-to choice for air shipments. Aisle and endcap display base.
Its blocks/pillars construction offers a high impact resistance cardboard pallet compared with the competition. Includes models with load capacities of over 6.000 Kg (13 000lbs). Easy to customize by size and promote your brand
Sustainable and 100% recyclable


Upalet - The Cardboard Pallet
Alpesa introduce to the market a new innovative product: The cardboard pallet. Using materials that are not harmful to the environment, it has many advantages vs tradicional ones; light, tough, safer, recyclable and reduces CO2 emission. Standard sizes: 1/4 Pallet (400x600 mm) 1/2 Pallet (800x600 mm) North American (1000x1000 mm) Euro (800x1200mm) "Can be customized to your need and specifications".

Innovation Award

-Sustainable and 100% recyclable.
A sustainable product made from 100% recycled materials. 100% recyclable, at the end of its useful life cycle it can be disposed at no cost, rather in many places, it has an economic return that allows you to recover parts of the cost.

-It is much lighter than its equivalents made of wood or plastic
The weight of the various standard models varies between ...

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Alpesa SA/Upalet
Apdo. Correos 138
C/L'Estacio, s/n, P.I. El Golfo
Tavernes de la Valldigna, Valencia 46760

Phone: +34 962 823 856
Fax: +34 962 836 443

A. Javier Altur Sánchez
+34 962 823 856

Nils Larsson
Account Excecutive
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