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  Atlanta, GA | April 9-12, 2018
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FastFetch Corporation Introduces State of the Art Order Fulfillment Solutions

FastFetch Corporation

PENDLETON, SC, February 27, 2018 - FastFetch Corporation of Pendleton, SC is exhibiting at MODEX 2018, April 9-12 in Atlanta, GA.  MODEX is the premier material handling and logistics trade show in the US during 2018 and draws professionals from110 countries around the world to learn about cutting-edge technologies.  FastFetch will be in Booth #B2336 and will present live demonstrations of their patented, multi-modal, order fulfillment solutions which have provided customers with 100%-300% improvements in picking speed with virtually 100% accuracy.
With optimization algorithms for minimizing travel required to retrieve items within a distribution center and premier cartonization algorithms for optimal box selection or box-on-demand size determination, FastFetch has proven during the past 12 years that their order fulfillment solutions are unsurpassed in achieving high accuracy and reducing picking time - all at an affordable cost.  Pick-to-Light (PTL) technology has been around for 40+ years, but the FastFetch light-directed picking strategy represents a disruptive technology.  FastFetch's solution has no buttons to push (or break), no central control computer, no complex wiring configuration, multi-language voice output, wireless barcode scanning, 100% scalability, and provides fault tolerance in case of WiFi connectivity issues or electronics failure.  FastFetch's order-picking carts contain a tablet and use standard, hot-swappable, tool batteries available at your neighborhood building supply store.  A new LED light strip option that reduces PTL costs by as much as 50% will be exhibited.  Founder and President, Jack Peck states, "There are many technology alternatives in the order fulfillment space but none that match the operational efficiencies and cost savings of the FastFetch solutions."
Contact Garry Harper, VP of Sales & Marketing to schedule a demonstration or a meeting at MODEX 2018 in Atlanta during the week of April 9-12, 2018.
About FastFetch Corporation
FastFetch Corporation, founded in 2006, is located in Pendleton, SC.  The company's sole focus is on order fulfilment hardware and software for efficient and accurate order fulfillment within a distribution center as well as state-of-the-art optimization and cartonization algorithms.  FastFetch holds multiple US and international patents on its solutions.

For more information please contact:

Jack Peck - President
FastFetch Corporation
(864) 650-1990 (w), (801) 650-1997 (f)
1548 Fort Hill Dr, Seneca, SC 29678

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