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Innovative Dock Shelter Creates an Eclipse at the Loading Dock

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The Eclipse® shelter from Rite-Hite® blocks daylight and gaps at the loading dock, creating an advanced, highly effective seal. - Booth #B1747

MODEX/ATLANTA (April 9, 2018) – Rite-Hite introduces the Eclipse shelter – the first system to block light and seal gaps where previous enclosures have failed, providing a dark, environmentally-secure dock.
“Loading dock enclosures are designed to create a barrier between interior and exterior environments,” says Mary Blaser, director of marketing. “But, even the best seals and shelters sometimes leave gaps. Gaps allow contaminants to enter your facility and expensive energy to escape.”
Getting a good fit around all sides of the trailers that come to a loading dock can be a big challenge – but Rite-Hite has a solution. In a single piece of equipment, the Eclipse shelter provides a tight, consistent seal all the way up trailer sides, across the top, and at the corners.
Sealing the Sides
On the sides of the trailer, durable GapMaster™ hooks wrap around swing-open trailer doors, sealing the gaps created by the door hinge – gaps that amount to over two and a half square feet of open air if left unsealed. The hooks are constructed of a rugged, premium material for extreme durability, and are wrapped with a flexible vinyl sleeve that conforms around the hinges for a better seal. Side curtains are built with high-strength Durathon® fabric, which features a unique, friction-resistant surface to resist wear. 
Sealing the Top
Along the top of the trailer, an exclusive weighted head curtain applies over 100 pounds of pressure across the full width of the trailer top. This gravity-based system keeps the curtain in constant contact with the trailer during loading and unloading, ensuring a tight, consistent seal without requiring an additional rain diversion header. This weighted curtain automatically adjusts to all trailer heights, eliminating the need for manual pull ropes, effectively sealing low and tall trailers alike. 
Sealing the Corners
At the top corners, the Eclipse® side curtains and weighted header work together to seal gaps that ordinary shelters don’t address. Innovative fabric corner pockets connect sides to top, providing a dark, complete seal when trailers back into place.
Sealing the Bottom
Below and around the dock leveler, Rite-Hite’s exclusive PitMaster™ under-leveler sealing system provides a barrier against environmental infiltration on the exterior of the dock. Meanwhile, lip corner seals, filler pads and other components block gaps on the inside of the dock. Working together, the Eclipse shelter and PitMaster under-leveler sealing system provide an advanced, highly effective seal at the loading dock.
“Creating this level of environmental control can save thousands of dollars a year in energy costs,” said Paul Rowlett, president of Rite-Hite Environmental Enclosures. “It improves employee comfort and safety. It protects products and equipment from weather-related damage. And it keeps contaminants from entering your facility, helping ensure the safety, cleanliness and overall environmental quality of your operations.”
For more information about the Eclipse shelter, visit or call (414) 355-2600 to find your local Rite-Hite representative. 
About Rite-Hite
Rite-Hite, headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is a leading manufacturer of material handling systems designed for maximum safety and productivity. Principal product lines include trailer restraints, dock levelers, integrated controls, dock seals and shelters, industrial power doors, fabric curtain walls, and aftermarket products and services. For more information, visit or call 1-800-456-0600.
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