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Cartersville, GA, March 8, 2018 — STAY-RITE™ Universal Stacking Platform Device, with a uniquely simple patented design, manufactured by STAY-RITE™ Solutions LLC., provides an all-in-one, innovative packaging, material handling, and storage solution for bulk open-top containers. By reducing direct contact between stacked containers and pallets, STAY-RITE™ instantly removes the vulnerability where damage and breakdown occur with these containers. With STAY-RITE™, you’ll instantly experience less product and packaging loss, increased floor space, and seamless handling.
STAY-RITE™ is the most universal tool and simple economical solution this market has seen, because it solves an array of common warehousing problems. Because of its rigid, yet lightweight and durable design, STAY-RITE™ fits onto octagonal, hexagonal, square and circular open-top containers, as well as supports a variety of pallet sizes. Without the need for any additional assembly or equipment, STAY-RITE™’s load bearing capability can support thousands of pounds of static load weight to various heights. Every STAY-RITE™ is manufactured from recycled material and can be easily recycled as-is, after multiple reuses, therefore, making it one of the greenest packaging solutions on the market. With the ability to strengthen and reinforce box corners, reduce liability from falling inventory, and increase productivity through its smooth handling application, STAY-RITE™ is the only corner board you’ll ever need.
We’re confident when we say the amount of time, money, space and resources STAY-RITE™ saves will change the way your business operates in just one use.
Are you ready to protect your packaging, preserve your product, decrease your chances of worker injury, increase your floor space, and improve your bottom line? Start handling your product the “rite” way with STAY-RITE™.
For additional information and ordering for STAY-RITE™ contact:
1-844-426-RITE (7483)

For more information please contact:

Clay Frazier - Owner
(678) 522-0029 (w)
PO Box 160, Rydal, GA 30171

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