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Southworth Products
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PORTLAND, ME - LiftMat™ low profile lift tables from Southworth descend to just 3¼ inches above the floor and accommodate any skid or pallet, including closed-bottom designs.  The ergonomic table minimizes back strain while reducing costs and raising productivity.  When the unit is equipped with an optional diamond-plate ramp, workers can feed and offload it with a hand pallet truck or rolling cart, making it ideal for use in tight spaces, work cells, or anywhere that a fork lift is unavailable.
The user can access loads from all four sides with no bending and minimal reach-over, reducing worker fatigue and injuries.  As boxes are added or removed, the platform is smoothly raised or lowered to the most comfortable height with a powered foot switch, a hand-held push-button remote, or a wall-mounted switch.  When equipped with an optional turntable, workers can rotate loads to access all four sides without having to walk around the lift.  A full-perimeter, auto-stop safety toe guard instantly stops descent when it comes in contact with any obstruction.  
Because it does not require a pit, the unit can be relocated as needed and can be used in leased buildings or on upper floors where pits cannot be built.  Loading and unloading unpalleted boxes with a two-wheel hand truck or dolly is easy, especially with the optional ramp.  Other applications include machine feeding, raising malfunctioning equipment to a comfortable level for repair work, assembly work positioning, and transferring loads between levels.
Capacity is 2,200 pounds.  Raised height is 31½ inches.  Made of sturdy, structural steel, the LiftMat is available with 15 platform sizes, ranging in 6-inch increments of width and/or height from 24 x 60 inches to 48 x 72 inches.  All pivot points have lifetime-lubricated bearings.  Also available is a portability package — two fixed wheels at one end of the base frame and a skid spotter with steel wheels (adds ½ inch to collapsed height and requires a minimum platform width of 30 inches).
For more information, contact Brian E. McNamara, President, Southworth Products Corp, P.O. Box 1380, Portland, ME 04104-1380, TEL: (207) 878-0700, FAX: (207) 797-4734, e-mail:,

For more information please contact:

Brian McNamara - President
Southworth International
207-878-0700 (w), 207-797-4734 (f)

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