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Winholt to Intro New Products at MODEX 2018

Winholt Equipment Group

February 5, 2018 - This year at MODEX 2018, Winholt introduces you to a few products from a plethora of products that promise to bring operational efficiency, supply chain advantage and cost savings in your establishment. Winholt believes in designing permanent solutions for all their customers by listening to their requirements. 
Picking Cart, Model AL-L-6/8PU – “Make order picking lean and flexible”
The AL-L-6/8PU unit is an ideal solution developed to aid small and mid-size warehouses and distribution centers master their order picking strategy in the least expensive yet most efficient way. This unit provides a flexible solution to the various picking methodologies distribution centers and warehouses are exploring. 
The AL-L-6/8PU unit is constructed of tubular aluminum frame. This cart has slanted shelves with tubular construction and raised lips. The cart is also equipped with four 5”x1.25” polyurethane swivel casters.
This picking cart promotes organized picking, staging and shipping of products. The slanted shelves provide better access and greater visibility of items being picked and promotes first in first out replenishment pattern. The raised lips on shelves ensure the lugs are held securely in place. The picking cart eliminates the need for buying expensive and heavy material handling equipment.
Security Cage Cart, Model EC-3-3048-WM - “Protect your warehouse and distribution space ”
The introduction of the EC-3-3048-WM ensures distribution centers and warehouses are able to store and transport high valued items securely. 
Winholt has designed a cart constructed steel with two hinged doors that have a locking mechanism. The security cage is also equipped with two 6”x2” swivel plate polyurethane casters, which have brakes and two 6”x2” rigid plate polyurethane casters. 
This cart ensures the shrinkage of valuable materials and items are kept at bay. Since the cart has wheels, the security cage cart can be rolled to any part of the warehouse or distribution center, making it a versatile and flexible solution.
Picking Cart, Model SC-2036H58/2S – “An inexpensive way to make order picking lean and flexible”
The SC-2036H58/2S is designed for distribution centers and warehouses, which are striving to implement lean and ergonomic solutions for faster and accurate replenishment of items. Space constraints in warehouses and distribution centers makes this narrow picking cart an ideal solution for optimized picking.
After listening to the problems voiced by customers, Winholt has designed a steel picking cart with shelves that slant at an angle of 10 degrees. The cart is equipped with two front 5”x1-1/4” polyurethane swivel casters with locks and two rear 5”x1-1/4” polyurethane rigid casters. The cart has a chalk plate, making it easy to label and identify items that are being picked.
The slant shelves provide better access and greater visibility to items being picked and ensure first in first out replenishment pattern. This cart allows warehouses and distribution centers to implement flexible picking methodologies the least expensive way, buy eliminating the need for heavy material handling equipment.
Intelligent Lockers, Model WL-618-DGT-EL – “ Embracing change to increase productivity and reduce waste”
The intelligent lockers, WL-618-DGT-EL, have been developed as a solution to make management of warehouse and distribution center assets easier. Often distribution centers, warehouses and retail stores incur a large cost in replacing missing devices, such as iPads or hand scanners. They also experience lower productivity when their associates are required to wait for iPads or hand scanners to be charged.
The intelligent locker has 18 locker units, each equipped with power sockets to charge devices. Each locker unit also contains USB outlets for devices that charge through USB chords. A link power cable provides power to the entire unit. The lockers lock using password locks, ensuring security. 
The locker ensures a lean approach to device management by eliminating motion waste, expended in searching for misplaced devices, looking for charging points, etc. and unnecessary costs, incurred in trying to replace misplaced devices.
About Winholt Equipment Corporation
Winholt Equipment Corporation, founded in 1946, is a leading global manufacturer of high quality Foodservice and Material Handling Equipment.  Winholt’s headquarters is located in Woodbury, New York, with additional locations in PA, TX, CA, and China.  Winholt supplies equipment to supermarkets, retailers, restaurants, and foodservice dealers in the United States and globally.  The company’s products are used in over 200,000 locations, including most major retailers, restaurants and foodservice chains.  Winholt is a member of the National Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers, Manufacturers’ Agents Association for the Foodservice Industry and the MHI Material Handling Industry Association.
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