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Bottles Defy Gravity with Mallard Manufacturing’s Latest Picking Solution

Mallard Manufacturing Corporation

Sterling, IL –April 4, 2018 – Mallard Manufacturing, a leading manufacturer of gravity flow storage products, proudly introduces Bottle Pick Rack, the latest engineered application dedicated to boosting order picking efficiency for wine & spirits distributors. The custom design safely secures individual bottles in single-bottle lanes, thus keeping SKUs well organized, easy to see and fast to pick.
Wine & spirits distributors often relegate single bottle or slow-moving stock to static rack or shelving, but Mallard bottle pick rack harnesses the economies of gravity flow for the slower moving individual picks just as it would for cases or pallet picking. Advantages to a gravity flow solution vs a static rack option include: inventory consolidation, increased pick rates, better visibility for improved accuracy, and automatic pick face replenishment. 
“Bottle pick rack targets a specific area of wine and spirits warehousing where it’s hard to find economies” says Kevin Risch, President of Mallard Manufacturing. “Gravity flow is already commonly used in pallet and case picking areas, but individual bottles needed a unique solution and the Mallard engineers delivered,” adds Risch.
Bottle pick rack is designed for push-back loading from the front aisle, allowing for dedicated dense storage for each individual SKU. Each lane is mounted on an incline from front to back therefore, as each bottle is picked, the rear bottles automatically flow forward to replenish the pick face. Bottles can be easily selected from the bottle pick lanes and loaded into waiting boxes or totes on conveyor or pick carts.
Bottle pick is easy to install by simply securing the individual flow lanes into standard selective pallet racking. The bottle pick rack can be used as stand-alone units or integrated with other carton flow and/or beverage storage shelving.
Bottle Pick Rack Advantages:
  • Consolidate slower moving SKUs
  • Maximize warehouse space
  • Increase picking accuracy
  • Easier, ergonomic order selection
  • Automatic pick face replenishment
  • Organized, orderly SKU lanes
  • Easy push-back loading
Bottle Pick Rack Specifications:
  • Fits 42” or 48” selective pallet rack
  • Stand-alone lanes or integrate with carton flow and/or shelving
  • 6 sizes to accommodate wide range of wine & spirits packaging:
    • 3 1/8” x 42”
    • 3 5/8” x 42”
    • 4 ¼” x 42”
    • 3 1/8” x 48”
    • 3 5/8” x 48”
    • 4 ¼” x 48”
About Mallard Manufacturing
Founded in 1960, Mallard Manufacturing Company is a leading international resource for the design and development of quality engineered gravity flow, pallet flow and carton flow systems. From a single bay of carton flow shelving to deep-lane pallet flow and complex pick modules, Mallard’s team of gravity flow experts develop custom solutions to solve the toughest material flow challenges. Centrally located in Illinois USA, Mallard’s production facilities are equipped to handle project requirements of any size and scope.
Phone: (800)243-6691

For more information please contact:

Lindsay Rabuck - Customer Service Mgr
Mallard Manufacturing Corporation
815-625-9491 (w), 815-625-9498 (f)
101 Mallard Road, Sterling, IL 61081

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