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quadax valves Replaces Manual Pallet Wrapping with Orbital Wrapper to Protect Valves During Transport


Weather-Resistant, Plastic Cocoon Safeguards Large Valves

Reading, PA: Valve distributor quadax valves, inc., Bristol, Pa., recently installed a semi-automatic TAB Wrapper Tornado orbital wrapping machine that accelerated production in the shipping department, cut packaging waste and added protection to the valves during transport. Replacing manual stretch-wrapping that required two people, the TAB Wrapper Tornado enables one person to quickly wrap the company's quadaxR butterfly valves directly to their pallets in two to three minutes versus the 15 minutes and two people required to pack each pallet. The TAB Wrapper Tornado automatically wraps the plastic stretch film 360 degrees around and under the entire pallet load to create a unitized, secure load that protects the valves from weather, warehousing and shifting during transportation. “We can wrap our biggest, heaviest products on the TAB Wrapper and we don't need metal banding anymore,” says Vice President of Operations Joe Dunbar. 
With the TAB Wrapper Tornado, a single forklift operator can drive up to the machine, attach the film end to the pallet, and quickly wrap the machine at the press of a button, all while the load remains raised on the forks. The TAB Wrapper Tornado is available in three, standard models to accommodate a variety of pallet sizes and in custom sizes for shipping oversized products.  Designed and manufactured by TAB Industries, LLC, in the company's Reading, Pa. headquarters, the packaging machinery ships fully assembled with a full warranty, ready to plug in and operate.
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Andy Brizek


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Andrew Brizek
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