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50 is the new 48!

Rotacaster Wheel Limited

Rotacaster presents an all-new multi-directional omni-wheel: The 50. Produced by the worlds only dedicated omni-wheel manufacturer, Rotacaster designed the new wheel with input from a wide range of users in an effort to improve performance and value.
Substantially redesigned inside and out, the 50mm Rotacaster delivers long sought-after advantages when compared to the current 48mm wheel, which includes:
  • A broader range of fitments thanks to an innovating new insert hub system
  • Fewer SKU's to support an even broader range of fitments and applications
  • Optional steel bearings available
  • Custom configurations with reduced lead-times and volume requirements
  • Reliable and impact-resistant for idler and driven applications
These advantages have been realised thanks to an increase in the wheel and roller diameters and an inner 14mm hexagonal bore with a 16x5mm outer bearing seat/recess. Over-moulded steel roller axles will become available for applications with high lateral (sideways) duty and loads.
Great news! Pricing will be more competitive than the current 48mm wheel.
Lower prices, fewer stocking units and reduced production lead times will make the all new 50mm multi-directional wheel a future best seller.
The 48mm wheel remains available, in the best-selling configurations, going forward. Rotacasters are the world’s toughest, most robust and corrosion resistant omni-wheels. 
Tim Strube
Available for Interview: Peter McKinnon, Managing Director, Rotacaster 

For more information please contact:

Mr Tim Strube
Rotacaster Wheel
61249078100 (w), 61249400080 (f)
2/2 Revelation Close, Tighes Hill, NSW 2297, Australia

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